The Power of Self Belief, with Chris Norton

The Power of Self Belief, with Chris Norton

Episode 317:

Chris Norton got knocked down. Hard.


After suffering a spinal cord injury playing college football, he lost all feeling and movement from the neck down. Chris was only given a 3% chance to ever move again.


He could have let it define him. But our lives aren’t shaped by circumstance. They’re shaped by us. Perseverance isn’t about the physical act of standing: it’s about attitude, and the ability to shape yourself in the face of adversity.


With the support of his friends, family, faith, and the love of his life, Emily, Chris proved the doctors wrong, and walked the stage at graduation that went viral worldwide. Then walked his bride, Emily, 7 yards down the aisle of their wedding. They are foster parents and have adopted 6 children.


His story has been published twice – first with his father, and now with Emily. Plus, a documentary about his life story is out on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and AppleTV titled 7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story. Chris was named one of ITA Group’s hottest keynote speakers. He travels across the country to inspire people from all walks of life, and demonstrates how to focus on our abilities to unlock the POWER TO STAND


What you will learn in this episode:

  • Chris shares how, as an 18 year old freshman member of his college football team, he experienced a devastating spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed
  • How Chris reacted to being told that he only had a 3% chance of ever moving or feeling again, and how he discovered the power of self belief
  • Why Chris learned to use awareness and knowledge to fight his emotional turmoil and gain clarity
  • How Chris's parents tightly controlled what was said in his presence as he worked to recover, and why maintaining a positive mindset and environment were crucial
  • How a key encounter with a hospital nurse reaffirmed the faith Chris had in himself and helped him believe that he would definitely recover and walk again
  • Why Chris turns to the people that matter in his life for inspiration and as a way to keep himself accountable
  • How the Chris Norton Foundation works to help provide access to medical care, events and activities for kids with physical and health challenges
  • How Chris's accident led to a new beginning and an opportunity to teach others the power of self belief




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