The Infinite Money Concept, with Chris Naugle

The Infinite Money Concept, with Chris Naugle

Episode 170:

Chris is a nationally recognized entrepreneur with high-level experience as a financial advisor managing over 30 million dollars in assets. Using his expert knowledge in finance he has successfully bought, renovated and sold hundreds of properties, which have been featured on HGTV.

Chris is a real estate investor who founded Flipout Academy and The Money School to help motivate and show others how money really works and how to obtain their goals through real estate investing. Chris and his team teach people how to raise money for all the deals they will ever do and so much more!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Chris learned to hustle for money as a kid, how he started his own lifestyle business as a teen, and how he found himself moving to become a financial advisor
  • How borrowing money for real estate deals in his own name brought Chris's investments to a screeching halt and forced him to sell all his properties
  • How Chris started and then lost a show on HGTV, and how this setback forced him to refocus and found Flip Out Academy
  • How Chris learned to stop blaming others for his setbacks, and how reframing his mindset and accepting responsibility opened incredible new doors for him
  • Chris shares a story from his time as a pro snowboarder about overcoming his own fear and making a dangerous jump
  • Why finding a great mentor or coach is the number one suggestion Chris has to offer for new investors just breaking into real estate
  • How Chris and his team have shifted their focus from doing flips to building relationships and gaining access to private money
  • How the Money School “Inner Circle” mastermind teaches students to have money come to them rather than asking for money
  • Why a lack of money isn't the roadblock you might think it is, and how private money is out there for you if you learn to solve people's problems
  • What advice Chris would offer to brand new real estate investors to help avoid mistakes and get started in the right way


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