Money Lessons, with Chris Larsen

Money Lessons, with Chris Larsen

Episode 289:

Chris Larsen is the founder and Managing Partner of Next-Level Income, through which he helps investors become financially independent through education and investment opportunities. Chris has been investing in and managing real estate for over 20 years. While completing his degree in Biomechanical Engineering and M.B.A. in Finance at Virginia Tech, he bought his first single- family rental at age 21. During his subsequent career in the medical device industry, Chris expanded into development, private-lending, buying distressed debt as well as commercial offices, and ultimately syndicating multifamily properties. He began syndicating deals in 2016 and has been actively involved in over $225 million of real estate acquisitions.


In addition to real estate, Chris has invested in equities, oil & gas, and small business lending, as well as being active in Venture South, one of the nation’s Top 10 Angel Investing groups. Chris lives with his wife and two boys in Asheville, NC where he loves spending time with them in the outdoors and enjoying the food and culture that the region has to offer.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Chris lost his father at just 5 years old and lost his best friend at 19, and how those losses had a dramatic impact on Chris's life and future
  • How Chris first got started in investing, and what key money lessons he learned along the way while growing his portfolio
  • Why Chris sees the multi-family space as “the Holy Grail of investing” with the best risk-to-return ratio
  • What Chris's business looks like today, and why “following where the moving trucks are going” is a great way to find a market to target
  • Why it is important to build relationships and develop trust in a market before you get started
  • How Next-Level Income's mission is to help people achieve financial independence through education, and how he sponsors a financial literacy program for kids
  • How Chris has structured an allowance system for his kids to teach them money lessons about investing, saving, and growing their money
  • Chris highlights some of the best (and worst) deals he has done over the course of his real estate investing career
  • Why one of the key money lessons Chris learned through experience is that you shouldn't diversify your portfolio just for the sake of diversification
  • What advice Chris would share with brand new real estate investors, and why the first step is to find and learn from a mentor




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