Blowing the Whistle on the Bad Guys

Blowing the Whistle on the Bad Guys

Episode 60:

Charlie Jewett is an author, speaker, podcast host, consumer advocate, and investment advisor from San Diego, Ca. Charlie has spent years trying to change the way the industry professionals and consumers think about Retirement. Charlie provides education materials that help people create their own financial plans and offers services to protect consumers from the bad guys in the financial services industry.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • The way Charlie got into the insurance and financial planning world
  • How a move across country helped Charlie get inspired and get his start
  • Qualities to look for in a mentor
  • Types of people that tend to get into real estate, mortgages, and retirement planning
  • A mindset Charlie has that helps him stand out in his industry
  • Ways the financial services industry lies to people about investing their money
  • The path Charlie took to get into podcasting and how that enables him to help more people
  • How to tell if you’re doing something wrong in investing and real estate
  • What type of training you should spend your money on
  • Why it matters that everything you do in your life that involves money is part of financial planning
  • The reason it doesn’t make sense to make a down payment
  • What Charlie means when he says every property you buy is 100% financing
  • How to make your costs go down dramatically when financing a home
  • Why Charlie doesn’t think you should be looking to pay off your home
  • Reasons it’s important to question the norm
  • Where you should put your money instead of a mortgage
  • How life insurance can make sense and grow your money
  • What Tony Robbins calls the rich man’s Roth IRA
  • A way to always use other people’s money to do real estate deals and have your money in two places
  • Daily habits Charlie engages in to make him the best version of himself
  • Charlie’s goal to flip the retirement industry on its head
  • Why the age of the advisor is over
  • The book that changed Charlie’s life
  • A rookie mistake Charlie made that he would change if he could go back
  • A strategy to easily build a nest egg

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