Multifamily in the Trenches, with Charles Dobens

Multifamily in the Trenches, with Charles Dobens

Episode 116:

Boston-based attorney Charles Dobens teaches a step-by-step program that will show new investors to seasoned professionals how to get started in the multifamily real estate investing business even with limited cash, credit or experience.

A successful attorney and consultant to multifamily investors all over the country, Charles Dobens has personally acquired over $20,000,00 of apartments and been involved, on behalf of his clients, in over $3B in multifamily transactions (yes, that's Billions with a ‘B').

His legal and consulting practice has one objective- helping new investors overcome any lack of confidence in moving towards their financial objective of owning and operating apartments.

As an investor himself, he has seen all sides of multifamily deals. In his self-deprecating, humor-filled, training style, he will walk you through the entire buying process in a way that no one else teaches. By the end of your time with him, you will totally understand what it takes to be a success in the multifamily business.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Charles has been working on since his last appearance on the Smart Real Estate Coach podcast in episode 2
  • How Charles's experience as an attorney has helped his students through some of the most unusual and difficult scenarios in the real estate business
  • Why the most important aspect of a real estate business is sales and marketing, and why it is critical to bypass a broker and go directly to the owner
  • How the previous twelve months worth of financial statements on a property can tell you everything you need to know, without having to view the property in person
  • Why marketing is one of the most important skills Charles's students need to develop to find success in multifamily real estate
  • How to find out more about Charles's multifamily investment strategies, and where Charles will be traveling to speak in the near future
  • What benefits and resources Charles's students receive by registering with him for multifamily real estate training
  • Why it is important to find a real estate trainer with actual experience, who has been through the ups and downs of real estate cycles
  • How Charles first got started in multifamily real estate, and why he is passionate about seeing his students succeed in the business
  • Why it takes an average of three years for people to reach a level of success in multifamily that they can quit their jobs and never look back

Additional resources from Charles Dobens:

Additional resources: