Probate Real Estate Investing, with Chad Corbett

Probate Real Estate Investing, with Chad Corbett

Episode 263:

Chad Corbett is the Founder, Real Estate Coach & Trainer of Magnum Opus Project, LLC. He teaches real estate professionals how to end the cashflow rollercoaster by attracting clients and customers rather than begging for business. In 2011 he moved from Hawaii to Virginia and learned how to quickly build and scale multiple real estate companies in a town where he knew nobody…Now he teaches others how to #ProvideValueFirst and build 7 figure businesses in 12 months or less, while serving at a level they never have before and working less than they ever have.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Chad got involved in real estate and then in the probate real estate investing niche after leaving his career with the FBI
  • What goals Chad set for himself and for his future, and why each of his three rules guide everything he does
  • Why Chad's primary goal with every appointment is to help someone get what they want while monetizing the process
  • How Chad's investment career culminated in probate real estate investing, and why it checks all of the boxes important to Chad and has led to coaching others in the niche as well
  • Chad explains the probate niche and why you need to take the time to learn the chain of title and probate process before you get started in the niche
  • How Chad is able to present a multitude of options to the people he works with, and how he explains these options in an easy-to-understand way
  • Why Chad believes that your mindset is a critical first step and the most important part of your career in real estate investing
  • Why your mindset is the one thing that can take you from being deeply in debt to being a huge success
  • How Chad set the goal of being able to retire by the time he turns 40, and how he has achieved that goal early at the age of 39
  • Why continually reading and learning are crucial for your own growth and development, and why you should always prioritize them above anything else


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