Finding Motivated Seller Leads, with Bryan Driscoll

Finding Motivated Seller Leads, with Bryan Driscoll

Episode 336:

Bryan Driscoll is the Co-Founder of Motivated Leads, a digital marketing agency that helps real estate investors expand their portfolios quickly by generating quality motivated seller leads. They handle online marketing so investors can focus on what they know! Bryan and his Co-Founder, Chad, have run Facebook marketing and SEO for local businesses, startups, and fortune 500 companies with Bryan being the SEO expert of the agency. Digital marketing is their craft, and they have been recognized by Forbes and other major publications for their work perfecting it over the past 12+ years.


However, five years ago, after buying some rental properties from their agency profits, Bryan and Chad
realized that true wealth comes from real estate investing. That was the start of their real estate investing journey, and Bryan now owns 17 properties. He and Chad do joint ventures with other investors, wholesale deals, and creative financing. After being bombarded with leads for years and even having to give away their extra leads to other investors, they realized they had the upper hand in generating leads for motivated sellers. This is what inspired Bryan and Chad to create to help investors all over the country have the same lead generation success as them.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why Bryan initially failed in real estate after taking a course
  • How Bryan handles his overflow of leads
  • Why you should always test and tweak ads every month
  • How always having a deal or side project to work on can help your mindset
  • What are the benefits of having a mentor or surrounding yourself with likeminded people
  • Why Bryan recommends that you always try when you fail




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