Turn Your Passion Into Profit, with Bryan Dewhurst and Phillip Ramsey

Turn Your Passion Into Profit, with Bryan Dewhurst and Phillip Ramsey

Episode 253:

Bryan’s Bio:

I’m Bryan Dewhurst and I’m really proud to be one of the co-founders of Uncommon Wealth Partners, LLC along with my friend, Phillip Ramsey.

I’ve spent more than a decade learning from mentors and serving clients with other firms and it was finally time to step out and do it the way we wanted it to be done.

My professional background is in economics and consulting. One of the elements of our work that I love the most is having the opportunity to teach investors, business owners, professionals and families the strategies that work for corporations and banks. If it can help the big corporations why shouldn’t we harness the same opportunity, risk management and diversification to clients all over the country.

At the core, I want people to win at the game of life. I know that I want to have an uncommon life and I want other people to have a growth mindset and the same opportunity and upside that I see for myself, my family and our clients.

Phillip’s Bio:

My name is Phillip Ramsey. I am married to the woman of my dreams, I have three amazing children, I have awesome friends and I get excited every day to go to work. I am honored to say I have been an Iowan my whole life. I am truly blessed far beyond what I deserve.

Ironically, I started in the financial services industry because of my own negative experience. I never felt like I was getting help from any of the advisors I met with. I determined that I was going to become the advisor I hoped to talk to when I needed help. I promised myself when I started that I would be uncommon in this industry. I started with Principal Financial Group and learned a lot about how finances worked but I quickly saw that the goals my clients had and the goals I had for my clients were different from the company’s goals. After this realization, I decided to leave Principal and become an independent financial advisor. It was at this point I met my friend, Bryan Dewhurst and together we started formalizing our competitive advantage.

Prior to becoming an advisor, I was a pharmaceutical rep and felt like I learned two valuable lessons while in that job. First, I wanted to own my own business. We are independent which means there isn’t anyone telling us what we need to sell or telling us what companies we have to sell for. Second, I wanted to do the research for myself instead of taking other people’s word for it. Now our clients get fresh new ideas that aren’t even being discussed with other advisors because we have done our own research. We feel our job is to educate our clients and provide them with as many options as we can and let them make the decision as to what they want to do.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Phillip and Bryan recognized the failings of the financial advisor industry and decided to do things differently
  • Why the key to the work Phillip and Bryan do lies in helping people identify and lean into what they're passionate about in life
  • How they help their clients realize that there are lots of ways to monetize their passion and build financial security
  • How Phillip and Bryan help people get clarity on their risk tolerance and take sensible risks when growing their wealth
  • What impact Phillip and Bryan have seen in their clients due to the global pandemic, and why the way people view big business has changed
  • Why the team at Uncommon Wealth Partners works to meet people where they are, even if their chosen investment vehicle is unorthodox
  • Why being successful in any kind of investing is a learning experience, and why even if you at first struggle you should learn and try again
  • How Phillip and Bryan have begun integrating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into their offerings for their clients
  • How the global pandemic has been an eye-opening experience that has pulled the veil back on how our economy works
  • How Phillip and Bryan are launching their first book, “The Uncommon Wealth: You Are Your Best Asset, Invest In Yourself” in spring 2021


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