Business Entity Structuring and Asset Protection, with Brian Price and Jennifer Gligoric

Business Entity Structuring and Asset Protection, with Brian Price and Jennifer Gligoric

Episode 197:

Brian Price and Jennifer Gligoric are the founders and CEO/COO of Leafy Legal Services and hosts on Leafy Podcast. This dynamic duo has helped entrepreneurs and real estate investors get started for the last 20+ years individually and together for the past eight years. Both Brian and Jennifer have harrowing backstories. Brian ‘lost his shirt' in the 2008 recession, losing everything and filing bankruptcy before climbing back out and into success.

Jennifer found herself homeless as a teenager and managed to put herself through college and become a successful business owner despite the odds. They both attribute their success to a mindset of abundance, and paying it forward is the means to happiness.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Jennifer and Brian first met, and how kindness and respect are integral values for their business
  • Why, regardless of the niche or industry you operate in, running your business like a business and structuring your business entity is a critical step for success
  • Why getting your business entity set up correctly now can save you massive headaches later and protect you from dangerous situations
  • Why the massive amounts of data available for free through the internet can put your business in danger, and why anonymity is important
  • Why the right type of business structure depends on your circumstances, and why asset protection requires more than just insurance
  • Why real estate investors are at greater risk for predatory litigation than other businesses
  • How the outbreak of the global pandemic has impacted Jennifer and Brian's clients, and what advice they have for navigating the crisis
  • How the team at Leafy can help real estate investors protect themselves, and how to get a free copy of their ebook
  • What Jennifer and Brian believe are the first critical steps to take to begin setting up asset protection for your business
  • Why now is the right time to get started protecting yourself, especially during the global pandemic, and why freezing in place is the worst thing you can do


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