25+ Deals Yearly – NEVER Visiting a Home

25+ Deals Yearly – NEVER Visiting a Home

Episode 49:

Brian Bojonell exists on a beautiful planet and could not imagine spending all of his time needing to be present for someone else's mission. This is how he arrived at his current business model which allowed him to work on projects anywhere that he can have access to technology while having fun.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Why conducting business remotely can give you the opportunity to free your life and establish work-life balance
  • How you can move seamlessly between your personal life and business development, for better results
  • How to keep yourself on target when working for yourself
  • Why rest is an important part of “getting your juices flowing,” especially in creative work
  • How networking can be just as effective as online and print marketing, if not more so
  • Why costly mistakes can ultimately lead to better processes
  • Why slowing things down and making things more thorough pays off in the end
  • How giving directives and delegating can give you the time to brainstorm and innovate