Emotional Intelligence in Business Leadership, with Brad Carlson

Emotional Intelligence in Business Leadership, with Brad Carlson

Episode 259:

Growing up in a home-building family, Brad Carlson was thrown into small business at the age of 5. He witnessed from his parents the art of creating outcomes and, “to just figure things out.”

While starting his first company out of his college apartment, he was shut out of the family for 3 years for going against taking over his father’s business and not finishing college… Fast forward to now and Brad’s companies have organically produced over $250MM in revenue since 2007.

Today, Brad runs a family investment office company focused on growing small market cap holdings while driving to grow enterprise value to over a billion dollars by 2046 — the year he turns 60-years-old. Small business runs deep in his blood, and he is determined to provide clear vision and leadership while cultivating and growing his staff through a common vision of building something that is greater than any one person. “My goal is to pass the values and behaviors my family taught me down to the next generations of leadership — together we will do something truly special and leave a legacy.”

Brad resides in Kansas City where he lives to create amazing experiences with friends and family.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Brad's experiences growing up in a home building family and with a father who built over 2000 houses gave him a unique perspective
  • How Brad began his first company at the young age of nineteen, and how he intentionally made himself a well-rounded business owner
  • Why emotional intelligence in business leadership has been a key skill that has helped Brad build “a company without dysfunction”
  • How Brad has been able to organically build out multiple companies to bring in cash flow to use in single-family and multi-family real estate investments
  • Why Brad's daily routine is intentionally designed to help him achieve his very best every single day, and what activities and rituals he follows
  • What key success skills Brad works to teach the members of his team in his businesses, and why these skills are the most important tools he can give them
  • How Brad and his team have achieved rapid growth in a short time, and how they are thriving in the pandemic despite all the challenges they're facing due to their strong culture
  • Why Brad believes in constantly evolving his team's perspective, and why that has been critical for navigating today's complex business reality
  • What advice Brad would offer to anyone looking to make the leap from working in a corporate job to becoming an entrepreneur


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