Developing a Success Mindset, with Brad Blazar

Developing a Success Mindset, with Brad Blazar

Episode 233:

Brad Blazar is an effective sales leader who over a decade ago set out on a mission to compile stories from his prior business experience as founder & CEO of a small oil company and the encounters from meetings and speaking events with some of the world's best leaders in sports, business, and politics. He is the founder The Art of Beliefology™ – believing that you have the power to change your beliefs and your future.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Brad believes success comes from developing discipline and a mindset of willingness to do the work to earn your success
  • What steps Brad recommends for people who aren't willing to settle and who want to develop the right mindset to achieve everything they want from life
  • Why finding and imitating others who have the level of success you want can be powerful and transformative
  • How Brad launched a small oil business at the age of 23, and how he leveraged his ability to build trust and build relationships
  • How, after some challenging setbacks for his oil business, Brad leaned into his skill of building networks and raising capital and pivoted into a new business
  • Why Brad believes success starts with building your fundamental skills and then scaling up, and why anyone can be successful using Brad's methods if they put in the effort
  • How Brad has turned his immense capital-raising experience into a comprehensive eight-course program
  • Why personal credit doesn't matter when you're raising investor capital, and why your attitude and presentation does matter
  • Brad explains his trademarked “The Art of Beliefology” system and his first book “On the Wings of Eagles”
  • Why the key to developing new positive habits is to practice small, incremental changes and build up to your goal


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