Obtaining Easy to Access Business Funding, with Ari Page

Obtaining Easy to Access Business Funding, with Ari Page

Episode 351:

In 2009, Ari Page took over as CEO of Fund&Grow. Ari is a business credit specialist with a passion for people, a penchant for new ideas, and the ability to implement them. Ari's background has enabled him to use the power of the group to leverage individual competencies in order to better benefit his clients and grow a stronger, more cohesive company.


One of Ari's core competencies is creating powerful new strategies to circumvent the many roadblocks that so many businesses face in an economy where banks are hesitant to lend to the average American business.


In the competitive financial services industry, Ari and his team have excelled at delivering an incredibly powerful business-credit-building program that far exceeds the typical service and reputation of the industry.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why real estate investors need to have easy access to unsecured funding
  • What process investors typically go through to get business credit
  • If you need good personal credit to get approved for business credit
  • What Ari has to say about obtaining funding during the Wicked Smart Summit
  • What is the credit card stacking process, and how long does the process take
  • If business credit shows up on your personal credit file
  • The number one thing that small businesses can do to be successful




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