Better Real Estate Lead Generation, with Anthony Mann

Better Real Estate Lead Generation, with Anthony Mann

Episode 252:

Anthony Mann has been in the real estate industry for over 14 years. He has 13 years of experience in investing, flipped over 200 homes and currently owns 43 properties. During his tenure as an agent, he has sold more than 1,000 REO and short sale properties in the Long Island, New York market. He was able to get into a niche field within the industry, where there are less than 15 active REO agents. In that market, he was the youngest by nearly 20 years.

Anthony has seen many markets and new technology emerge without any true benefit to agents. So, he decided to make a change in the industry and launched AM Open House, the best digital sign-in app for Open Houses, in July of 2014. Anthony has dedicated his entire focus to the AM Open House app and management platform to make the lives of agents easier while supplying them with the technology they want and can benefit from using. Over the years, Anthony has helped over 125,000 agents do better business.

Founding A Social Strategy in 2016 was a milestone for Anthony, as he has always had a passion for helping businesses grow through marketing and advertising. Currently, A Social Strategy handles advertising for numerous real estate agents and brokers, mortgage professionals, and businesses that need help generating qualified appointments and showings while eliminating the busy work for the professionals. The team at A Social Strategy handles everything for agents so they can focus on what they do best – sell more homes!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Anthony got started in real estate in 2007, right before the crash of 2008, and how it impacted his business as a residential real estate agent
  • Why Anthony's 2008 reckoning pushed him to get into real estate investing through the foreclosure market
  • How the first deal Anthony did helped him explode into the market and hit the ground running, and why the 2008 crash was the push he needed
  • How Anthony pivoted into real estate tech, and why he loves working in every aspect of the real estate market
  • How Anthony recognized that the retainer agency model for real estate lead generation was becoming oversaturated and how he saw an opportunity to do things differently
  • How Anthony's system puts their clients in complete control, and how the new model has been hugely profitable and created win-wins for Anthony's team and clients
  • How Anthony's system can work for agents or investors interchangeably and can work in just about any real estate market
  • What's next for Anthony and his team, and why Anthony is focusing on growing out what he's doing now and expanding his team
  • Why Anthony believes that prices today are out of control and that we're in the midst of a massive real estate bubble and that a correction is coming


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