From Israel to the U.S. with No Money to 7+ Figures, with Alon David

From Israel to the U.S. with No Money to 7+ Figures, with Alon David

Episode 125:

Alon David, founder and CEO of 90x, arrived in America without any business leads connections. He had no university network or promising internships. Alon didn’t even have a solid business idea. But he did have ambition. He had drive. He had the dream to make something of his life.

So while going to school full-time, Alon decided to get a job working construction for $5.25 per hour. Yet he knew that just getting a degree wasn’t enough, so instead of waking up each day complaining of his situation, Alon decided he needed to set a goal to keep him focused on his dreams. The only problem was that there weren’t any quality goal-planners or systems out there. So Alon decided to create his own system that could take a minimum-wage job and turn it into an opportunity.

Inspired to further test his goal-system, Alon decided in 2010 to start a photography business from scratch. Within a year, the photography business became a 6-figure side-gig and that was when Alon knew that his 90x goal-system was something special. Looking to help others effectively set and achieve goals, Alon put together the first 90x goal-planner.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Alon went from working construction, cleaning shopping centers at night and picking up trash to becoming a millionaire entrepreneur
  • Why Alon left the Israeli military and chose to immigrate to the United States, even without having a game plan for the future
  • How Alon got the idea for the 90x Planner, and how he turned his idea into a thriving business
  • How the 90x Planner helps users set 90 day goals for themselves and then work backwards to achieve those goals
  • Why Alon outsources much of his team, and how his business team uses the 90-day goal system he created
  • Why new users of the 90x Planner need to take action immediately rather than wait for everything “to be perfect”
  • Why the first action Alon took when 90x launched was to hire a coach to help keep him focused and accountable
  • Why having a great coach or mentor offers tremendous value and is the key to learning to do anything well
  • Why Alon believes it's important to take actions today like the person you want to be in the future
  • What free gifts Alon has to offer for Smart Real Estate Coach listeners who order the 90x Planner


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