Teaching Smart Money Lessons to Kids, with Adam Carroll

Teaching Smart Money Lessons to Kids, with Adam Carroll

Episode 209:

Adam Carroll is a sought after speaker, author, and seminar leader in the areas of personal development and personal finance. Adam's TED talk at the London Business School has been viewed over 5 million times!

As many people do, Adam had several positions in his young professional life that helped to shape the professional he is today. He discovered a passion for selling and marketing, became a seasoned small business coach, learned to love financial literacy, became engrossed in teaching financial literacy, and decided to put all of those skills to use by building his seminar company AND creating the first socially-responsible mortgage company.

Adam is passionate about making sure people are making the most of the money they make. That includes teaching individuals (and groups) how to massively change their financial pictures for the better, sharing his love of meeting people and networking with everyone, and creating a team of people who all share the same goals and principles to build a lasting mega-successful conglomerate of companies.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How a $10,000 real-money game of Monopoly with his kids became the foundation for Adam's When Money Isn't Real TEDx talk, which now has over 5 million views on YouTube
  • How the way Adam's kids treated their money when they went from Monopoly money to real, tangible cash changed, and what this teaches us about our relationship to money
  • How to take advantage of Adam's free Scholarship Mastery course, which teaches students and their families how to find scholarship money for college, regardless of age
  • How Adam strategically used important early lessons to teach his kids at a young age the value of building up savings and investing money
  • How Adam started and built up the first “socially responsible mortgage company” in Des Moines after noting the unscrupulous methods others in the industry were using
  • Why it is crucial to increase the amount of equity and liquidity you have in a property within the first few years of the purchase
  • How a home equity line of credit creates the ideal vehicle for turning a one-way mortgage into a two-way source of liquidity
  • How Adam's methods can save home owners tens of thousands of dollars due to advancing the amortization table more quickly
  • How American mortgages dramatically differ from the typical mortgage in Australia, and why it is important to always question if there's a better way to manage your money


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