Money Beliefs, with Adam Carroll

Money Beliefs, with Adam Carroll

Episode 287:

Adam Carroll is an internationally recognized speaker and author. He is a two-time TED talk speaker with one of his talks surpassing 5 million views, creator of the documentary film Broke Busted & Disgusted, and works with companies large and small on culture initiatives and engaging human capital. Adam is the founder of The Shred Method, the host of The Build A Bigger Life Podcast, and a retreat leader within his community of life architects.

Adam lives through the principle “build a bigger life, not a bigger lifestyle” and is doing this through helping others identify their 10 year freedom plan.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Adam believes our “money personality”, who we are in relation to money, is set by the age of nine and has a huge impact on our lives as adults
  • Why it is important to recognize the message your children are receiving at home about money
  • How it takes real work to overcome your internalized money beliefs, and why the first step is to reflect on those early memories
  • How Adam coaches his clients to “connect the dots” between their early memories and how they relate to their money beliefs today
  • What important lessons and exercises Adam works to teach his kids, and how he discovered his own financial path
  • Why T. Harv Eker's book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” was a trailblazing work that shows us how we often hold incorrect internal ideas about money
  • How Adam is continually working to challenge his own money beliefs, and how he is learning what “massive abundance” means
  • Why the universe “wants” to reward you with abundance, and why we are often our own obstacles to that abundance
  • How to learn more about Adam's “Shred Method” that can help you eliminate your debt in 3-5 years or less
  • Adam shares a powerful exercise you can do to help you better identify and understand your relationship with money




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