Add Aaron to Your Arsenal and Never Worry About Great Lead Flow Again, with Aaron Hoos

Add Aaron to Your Arsenal and Never Worry About Great Lead Flow Again, with Aaron Hoos

Episode 98:

Aaron grew up in the real estate investing world, left briefly to get his stockbroker’s license and an MBA in Strategy, but returned to the world of real estate investing as a marketer, copywriter, and content strategy consultant for investors.

As an investor, Aaron has done commercial and residential deals, wholesales, flips, and buy-and- holds. He currently lives in Canada and owns cash-flowing properties in Canada and the US.

While other investors aspire to build up cash flow so they can retire on a beach, Aaron is living his life-long dream of writing and helping others. He leads a team of content marketers and copywriters and he advises investors on how to grow their investing brands and businesses with marketing content and direct response copy.

Aaron has been a professional writer since 1999, and he’s written for investors since 2005. He’s has written or advised for some of the best-known names in real estate investing, and many investors are using Aaron’s copy in their online and offline marketing right now to do more deals. He’s the author of two books, including The Real Estate Investing Copywriter’s Playbook, and he has a third book coming out by the end of 2018.

When he’s not writing or investing, Aaron is probably building other businesses, traveling with his wife, or reading books and drinking coffee. He lives in Saskatchewan Canada (the square province, right in the middle of the country), although he can often be found traveling and speaking at client events throughout the US.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • How Aaron got into the world of marketing and writing, and why he loves working with real estate investors
  • What strategies Aaron recommends for lead generation, and how the internet has created new and underutilized strategies
  • Why it is important to promote yourself daily and consistently, and why it is a good idea to brand the different branches of your business separately
  • How Aaron strategically works with clients of all experience levels to brand and promote their business
  • How Aaron often sees his investors scaling and growing to the next level through coaching, training others and spreading knowledge
  • Why Aaron's clients sometimes struggle to follow the strategies he sets forth for them, and how he gets them over that hump
  • How to get access to Aaron's “Real Estate Investor Marketing Hacks”, including a free report and tool called the Empathy Map
  • What top three daily activities Aaron follows every single day to be his best and most successful
  • Why it is important to track your time and see where you are being the most and least productive
  • Why Russell Bruson's “DotCom Secrets” is Aaron's favorite book, and why he considers it the book he wishes he had written himself

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