Sell Yourself on Success

The key to developing a success mindset

Sell Yourself on Success

Brad Blazar was recently on our podcast, and I'd like to share a simple thought that he brought to the table. He says that “the biggest sale you have to make in life is selling yourself.” So what does he mean by that?

The idea is simple. Human beings are creatures of comfort. We have cars, supermarkets, jobs where we can sit in front of a computer and get everything we need to live. And the result is that many people simply get comfortable with a lifestyle of comfort and mediocrity. If you can put food on the table, your job is done… Right?

Wrong. We were all put on this earth to grow and expand. It's our job in life to unlock our full potential and use our gifts to change the world. But there's a certain mindset shift that needs to occur if you want to do that. I've talked about it before and you've probably heard it described a million different times, but I love the way Brad describes it.

In Brad's eyes, you need to sell yourself on being successful. Each of us has a different definition of success but no matter what it means to you it is the most important sale you'll ever make. I am not saying this is going to be easy because it's not. I am talking about convincing your biggest critic(yourself) that you are capable of big achievements, when you do not have the track record to prove it. That is a difficult task but once the sale is made, watch out world!

If you are not up for the challenge of stepping out from mediocrity and into the best version of yourself, nothing will change. But once you have that mindset shift, what you'll find is that it's really quite simple.

You just need to follow the same disciplines of all successful people. You already know them, right? Wake up early, prioritize your day, hang around with other successful people, work on your mind, and body. Literally, just find someone who you want to emulate and ask them: “What do you do every day? What's your routine? What did you do to get to the level of success you're at?”

It all starts with that mindset shift. You can do anything you want in life if you're willing to put forth the effort and action to go out and make it happen.