Do The Hard Things First

We have the ability to change the entire day by getting a major win first thing in the morning.

Do The Hard Things First

A lot of people like to start their day with an easy task so they can knock out something small and get moving. I'm here to put an end to that. It's time for each and every one of us to do the hard things first.

Why? Because that's when we have the most energy and focus. We have the ability to change the entire day by getting a major win first thing in the morning. That moves us forward and we can keep it going throughout the day.

But more importantly, it means that we are always going to get the most important things done. We all know life is crazy, and sometimes we get sidetracked with other things throughout the day. That important task that we were going to do later in the afternoon never gets done because three other things came up.

But if that important task is the first thing on your schedule for the day, it's going to get done. Guaranteed.

So, what does this mean for real estate investors? Well, for us it means making prospect calls. Making calls is one of the hardest things we have to do. And I know there are some experienced people out there who will say, “What are you talking about? Making calls is easy!”

It doesn't matter. It's still one of the hardest things we have to do and it requires the most energy to do it. And most importantly, it's the #1 task you need to do to close deals. That's why I do it first thing in the morning.

If you're familiar with our material, you may already know about The Power of One Daily Discipline. The idea is simple: figure out the ONE thing you need to do everyday to achieve your goals. For most of us, that's making calls—and that's why it comes first. Once again, do the hard things first.

If calls aren't already one of the first things you do each day, I'd urge you to give it a try. And to the people who say, “I don't make calls in the morning because people won't answer!” — it's not true. In fact, I just read an article from, who does tons of research on calling, where they determined there was at most a 2% difference in the percentage of people who answer the phone at any time between nine and five.

For a huge corporation, that 2% might make a difference. For a small real estate investor, it won't.

But what WILL make a difference is whether you make the calls or not. If you do them right away, they're going to get done. If you put them off until later, they're not. And I'd much rather get a few prospects in the morning than get none because I didn't make any calls.

So, what are you doing tomorrow?