Tapping Into Your Energy, with Meghan Shea

Tapping Into Your Energy, with Meghan Shea

Episode 404:

Meghan Shea, a 37 year old telepathic animal whisperer and healer, believes that through serving and giving back to animals, we create an impact on the world. Meghan’s telepathic ability shows you the world through the lens of your animal's eyes. She is the microphone that turns up the volume to the voices that often go unheard. She gives you direct access to who they are, what they need and why they are here. Animals are the gateway for us to expand.


Her work extends to humans as well. She specializes in transforming humans through accessing their personal light codes and breaking through the veil of old DNA patterns. She is an energetic brain surgeon, getting to the root of any blocks. She can decode your energy and help activate your gifts, to help catapult you to the next level in your life, relationships and business.


Her work has also extended to: The Wicked Smart Chairman’s Mastermind, and the Wicked Smart Summit.


You can find her at the Wicked Smart QLS this September.


What you will learn in this episode:


  • What Meghan does as a telepathic animal whisperer, and how it can help you unlock potential in your own life
  • How your energy blockages are standing in the way of a faster trajectory to your goals
  • Where you may be leaking energy, and how efficiency can put you back on track
  • What you can expect from a session with Meghan
  • How just being in the room at the upcoming QLS will help you channel your energy into realizing your potential






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