Acting with Courage, with Laban Ditchburn

Acting with Courage, with Laban Ditchburn

Episode 357:

Laban Ditchburn is a keynote speaker, accountability coach, and host of the “Become Your Own Superhero” show. Laban's burning passion is to inspire change for those who want it and are ready to take the first steps towards pursuing their purpose.


Laban is also an ultramarathon athlete, a biohacker, an impressionist, a self-improvement junkie, a motivator, a cricket lover, and someone who can cook the best steak you've ever eaten.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • The challenging moments in Laban’s life that inspired him to seek change in his life
  • What it means to be a courage coach
  • Why Laban shares his struggles from a place of strength and how that helps him support others
  • How having a coach can genuinely help you move forward in your business and life
  • The biggest obstacles people put in their own paths when seeking success
  • How creating financial freedom can help you pursue your purpose
  • Some of the courageous moves Laban has made to serve others, and his advice to real estate investors
  • How to take bold, massive, and strategically courageous action to facilitate miraculous outcomes




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